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Quantum Thoughts Energy 2.0


Utilize a revolutionary way that allows you to set yourself up for success by altering your state of mind in a matter of minutes

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Quantum Thoughts Energy 2.0 – Morry Zelcovitch

Quantum Mind Power 2.0 - Morry Zelcovitch

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The Following is the Quantum Thoughts Methodology
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Make the most of a revolutionary means that permits you to set your self up for achievement by altering your way of thinking in a matter of minutes. By means of brainwave entrainment, you may simply grasp your thoughts energy and utterly rework your life by making your mind give you the results you want. The end result? It is possible for you to to enhance any space of your life and enhance your mind energy, with the intention to obtain extra whereas eliminating emotions of doubt, anxiousness, fear, and stress.


I need to let you know how brainwave entrainment has personally helped me on my life journey.

For about 40 years of my life, since I can bear in mind being acutely aware, I’ve been what I might time period “clinically depressed.” I wasn’t recognized as such by medical doctors. Again in these days, they did not actually try this. They did not give tablets for these sorts of issues as nicely.

To present you an concept of what my life was like, take a look at the darkest black that yow will discover round you. That will be, just about, a shiny, sunny day for me.

I went via my life each morning, waking up, crossing my fingers, hoping that after I regarded out the window, I might see mushroom clouds. That is how dangerous my life was. I simply needed a nuclear warfare. I needed an finish to the whole lot.

I could not really feel something that was good. I felt solely issues that had been dangerous and painful.

One thing may occur to you that might make you go, “Nicely, is not that good?” And I might take a look at it and be so envious or jealous of it. I might suppose it was essentially the most horrible, cruelest joke on this planet.

We may each be out for a stroll collectively, and you’ll take a look at this attractive rose with a gorgeous bee pollinating away, hopping from flower to flower, pondering to your self, “Wow, is not that only a miracle of nature? Look how lovely it’s, and it serves a goal. It promotes life and wonder.”

And I might take a look at it and say, “Yeah, positive. Rub it in my face, that there is a motive for the whole lot besides me.” That is how I felt—that I used to be right here to undergo. I used to be right here to be in ache.

I acquired injured incessantly. I’ve damaged my kneecap. I’ve dislocated virtually each bone in my physique. I’ve cracked ribs extra occasions than I care to think about. I’ve damaged my nostril so many occasions that I even have individuals asking me the place I had it completed. I smashed out my enamel. I take care of vertigo on a regular basis.

It is troublesome to precise a number of suicide makes an attempt—simply not eager to take care of life in any respect. How do you’ve gotten a number of suicide makes an attempt? When you actually need to die, one needs to be sufficient, proper?

I attempted to kill myself, I attempted it a bunch of occasions, and it did not work, that is when it struck me that possibly I did not actually need to die. That extra of me needed to reside, than did not. If I could not discover a technique to die, I needed to discover a technique to reside.

So, I began wanting, searching, and studying (and that is earlier than the web). I went to libraries, and I checked out newspapers.

I did the whole lot I may to attempt to provide you with methods to assist myself. I discovered about meditation and tapping methods. I discovered about respiration methods. I discovered many issues—the whole lot I may discover. I attempted to be taught completely different Asian methodologies, taekwondojiu-jitsukarate, something I may to attempt to get some stability in my life, to attempt to get some that means in my life—as a result of there was none. I used to be actually what individuals may time period “a failure” at the whole lot I did.

It seems that I used to be imagined to undergo all of this as a result of it was the one means for me to be taught. And the largest factor I discovered was that the whole lot occurs in life for a motive. When you select to label one thing as dangerous, you do not be taught something from it. You are likely to shrink back from it, again awayignore it, and transfer away.

When you as a substitute discover one thing as a studying expertise and instructional, you are likely to search for a lesson. And after I began on the lookout for classes, issues began altering, versus pondering the whole lot was dangerous and the world sucked, individuals sucked, and I sucked.

I went tenting with my mates typically. After I went tenting, I might be sitting round a hearth pit. And I might hear the wooden crackling and watch the flames dancing up and down. The best factor was, I observed that point appeared to maneuver weirdly. It wasn’t so gradual. For individuals like me who’ve had depressive episodes and even thought dangerous issues, time passes actually slowly, agonizingly gradual.

After I was observing this flame, it felt like 5 minutes, and but hours had handed. And that gave me an unbelievable quantity of aid. Lastly, I discovered one thing after making an attempt the whole lot underneath the solar, studying each self-help ebook, and studying from all the large names of those that are the very best individuals on this planet for self-improvement.

This flame, at the very least, gave me a break. And that is fascinating. I believed, “What’s it about me observing this flame and listening to all this crackling that made me at the very least really feel higher for a short while?”

I began realizing that it was the flickering. It was the sound. It was the noises that the hearth and wooden made that had been really main me to imagine and to suppose otherwise than I believed earlier than.

I believed, “Nicely, how may which have something to do with it? Was it only a distraction?” One thing instructed me in my head, “It’s not only a distraction,” as a result of I have been distracted earlier than. We have all been distracted, regardless of how dangerous issues are going round us. We are able to get distracted away from them.

It hit me that I want to research this extra. As I used to be investigating it, I got here throughout one thing known as brainwave entrainment. And I began learning the neurophysics behind what occurs to your mind while you hear and see issues.

Once we really take into consideration one thing or after we’re uncovered to one thing, it creates brainwave exercise. What struck me as extra necessary was, while you go into these brainwaves states, when your neurons, that are your mind cells, begin firing away at completely different charges, they are not simply pulsing at that frequency, they’re making a chemical soup—neurotransmittersendorphins, and hormones, which, when blended collectively, make a scrumptious soup or make a crappy soup. And I used to be making crappy soup.

With all this analysis I used to be doing, I spotted that I wanted to evolve this. I want to make use of this extra. After I was studying all of the consultants, I felt good. I felt empowered. I felt like that is actually going to assist me, but it surely did not.

Regardless of how constructive they had been or how nice their methods had been, I used to be in such a cycle that the detrimental reflexive ideas I used to be having had been creating chemistry that was creating these horrible ideas. After which the ideas would create extra detrimental chemistry. And the cycle appeared to proceed endlessly.

I could not change my pondering. The chemistry was too highly effective. I could not change my beliefs. The chemistry was too sturdy.

It instantly hit me. Okay. High-quality. I can not change my ideas. What if I may change the frequency of my mind as a substitute? That will additionally change the chemistry. If I am proper in altering the chemistry, even as soon as is sufficient to change the following thought that comes. Possibly I may construct on that.

So, I discovered this expertise known as brainwave entrainment, I began researching it all over the place, it made sense. However it did not assist me, regardless that it made good sense. It ought to have been my key to the dominion, but it surely wasn’t. It wasn’t serving to me.

At that time, I had a option to make. I am both resigned to residing my life depressed, unhappy, and indignant on a regular basis, or I say, “Wait a minute. All my analysis is not improper. It makes means an excessive amount of sense. I do not suppose they’re doing it proper.”

I began creating it myself then. That is when the whole lot began turning round. I instantly observed for a couple of minutes after listening that I used to be glad, and I wasn’t listening to hundreds of voices.

As soon as I began listening, for a couple of minutes after, the voices had been gone. After I hear a voice in my head, it is one voice—and it is my voice saying, “Do that. Try this. Consider this. Consider that.” It is my acutely aware, unconscious and unconscious all working along with me.

That’s what gave start to my expertise. That is what gave start to me. I am a baby anymore, however I’m experiencing life very similar to an 18-year-old does as a result of the whole lot is new to me. Every thing is thrilling to me. On daily basis brings a brand new start.


I understand that it’s extremely probably that I’m not the one one who has been via these experiences. There are lots of people like me who, at occasions, really feel like giving up on the whole lot.

Maybe the explanation why you’re studying this proper now’s that you simply may need gone via among the similar life experiences as I’ve, or you may relate not directly.

This is the reason I need to share this expertise with you. However what is that this expertise precisely? What’s brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is definitely the method of getting one system to observe one other system in synchronicity.

That will appear imprecise, so let’s begin at your mind. It experiences all of those completely different frequencies on a regular basis. Imagine it or not, your mind proper now has neurons pulsing on the Beta frequency, which is mostly associated to being awake and alert.

There are different frequencies. Theta has been associated to studying and meditation. Alpha is related to meditation, and Delta with sleep. There are elements of your mind proper now, pulsing away at a Delta frequency and a Gamma frequency additionally, which could be very quick, even above that of Beta.

What brainwave entrainment does is it helps modulate them and leads them to observe the introduced frequency. How does it do that? There is a pure course of within the thoughts and within the mind known as the frequency following response.

When you’ve ever listened to music that you simply like, and you end up tapping your foot to the tune, you’re really being entrained by the beat of the music. You are subconsciously doing that since you’re following the beat of the music. You might be following the frequency. You are following and responding to it.

When you get a secure publicity to those frequencies, to those pulsed vibrations, what occurs is that the neurons that make up your mind will course of that via one other side. It really begins following and mimicking the introduced frequency—like monkey see, monkey do. What outcomes is one thing known as the cortical evoked response. The cortical layer is the uppermost layer of the mind. It begins following the frequency.

When you put pendulum clocks in a room and also you begin swinging all of them individually, you may come again an hour or two later, and what you’ll discover is that they’re going to all be swinging in time, collectively. That is nature. A frequency following response, cortical evoked response, entrainment is of course occurring in nature on a regular basis.

By exposing you to those pulsed vibrations, your mind begins following them naturally, and you may expertise what could also be termed as a dominant frequency. You continue to get the opposite frequencies, however a dominant variety of your neurons can start pulsing on the similar charge. That leads to the creation of neurotransmittersendorphins, and hormones that help you really feel a completely different means, to behave a completely different means, to understand the whole lot otherwise.

You determine what to suppose, after which your mind produces chemistry that permits you to really feel that means. Even in case you do not realize you are deciding what to suppose, there are literally thousands of selections which will happen subconsciously that you could be not even concentrate on, however you’ve gotten made that call.

When you determine that one thing is boring, what occurs is your mind creates chemistry that claims…

“That is boring me to demise,” and also you begin feeling bored. You get fidgety. That each one occurs due to chemistry. Every thing is chemistry. While you perceive that brainwave entrainment works based mostly on stimulating physiological responses that create chemistry, then you may perceive that it is really the chemistry that permits you to really feel the way in which you’re feeling.

When you’re married otherwise you’re in a relationship, or you’ve gotten a baby or a pet, and while you see them, you’re feeling this heat, fuzzy feeling. It is since you’ve determined to really feel that heat, fuzzy feeling. You see another person’s canine that you could be suppose is ugly. You do not really feel that very same feeling for that canine since you’ve decided—it’s not your canine, so you do not really feel that means.

While you make that call, and oftentimes it is hundreds of selections, you do it within the span of a second, or much less.

Bear in mind, your mind can course of hundreds of thousands of capabilities in a second, so making hundreds of selections in a second is just not even going to make you break a sweat.


Entrainment permits us to manage the chemistry and to really affect how the chemistry influences our minds with out doing something untoward. We do not have to take chemical substancestablets, or injections. We do not want electrical stimulation. It is merely a pure course of that we’re profiting from with pulse sounds. And that is it.

That is what entrainment is. It adjustments how we predict. It adjustments how we understand the world, and all of it occurs naturally via what we name sound.

It has taken me years of studyingvolumes of analysisnumerous hours of follow, and hundreds of {dollars}’ value of funding in classes {and professional} tools to learn to engineer correct brainwave entrainment recordings. And it has labored for my profit in addition to for the advantage of others.

You possibly can expertise these advantages as nicely however with out the years and expense that I needed to undergo to be taught this expertise. How? I’ve developed a whole brainwave entrainment system that can provide help to overcome the detrimental emotions that stop you from attaining what you need in life.


It’s possible you’ll be questioning why suggestions is diverse amongst customers of the brainwave entrainment recordings I engineered.

It’s because everyone will get one thing completely different. So even when individuals take heed to the identical recordings, the identical methods, and listened precisely the identical means, they’ll get completely different outcomes. As a result of everyone has completely different wants.

I am not the genius right here. You are the genius. You are the one who’s going to assist your self. It is your mind that’s being conditioned. Not mine. So your mind, your thoughts, all of your numerous types of consciousness know what you want even in case you’re not consciously conscious of it your self. So, you’re going to get what you want.

Folks will ask me to inform them what to anticipate, the right way to inform that it’s working. After I inform individuals what to anticipate, they have a tendency to search for what I could have recommended. Due to that, they’ve blinders on, they usually could not really see the advantages they’re getting as a result of they’re on the lookout for one thing particular.

As an illustration, if I let you know the colour purple goes to be a sign that you simply’re getting advantages and also you get pink polka dots, nicely, you are solely on the lookout for purple, so you are not going to see the pink polka dots, which for you, could imply you are getting one thing.

With that being mentioned, I listed among the advantages skilled by those that have listened to my recordings to provide you an concept of what chances are you’ll expertise, however keep in mind that this listing is in no way full, there may be not sufficient room on this web page to listing each doable profit.

  • Grow to be extra motivated, suppose quicker in your toes, and outsmart your competitors in enterprise. You’ll at all times be one step forward of the gang whereas others attempt to catch up.
  • Silence the detrimental ‘voices’ in your head that let you know that you simply don’t need to be rich and profitable. Overcome the enemy inside you that’s holding you again. Reside up, eventually, to your full potential.
  • Faucet into the unconscious thoughts to spice up your creativity and be taught to draw wealth into your life. All the good geniuses of our time, together with Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, attest to their unconscious because the supply of their “increased intelligence.”


  • Sleep much less and nonetheless get up every morning stuffed with power and enthusiasm. You possibly can actually take as much as 4 hours much less sleep some nights and nonetheless face the brand new day feeling extra alert, brimming with power, and even finishing extra work with fewer errors.
  • Cease procrastinationenhance your motivation and self-confidence, and develop laser-sharp focus and focus to get extra issues completed in much less time.
  • Naturally cut back stressanxiousnesspressure, and fear. Invite peace and calm into your life


  • Dramatically enhance your psychological energy to know new ideas quicker, considerably enhance your reminiscence retentionenhance your creativity and your psychological readability.
  • Sharpen your instinct so that you will understand issues that you simply cannot actually clarify. You will know that you’ve this “intestine feeling”—{that a} sure motion is one which you should take.
  • Complicated duties will instantly seem clearer and simpler for you.
  • Create new neural pathways in your mind, change patterns of notion and data switch within the mind, thereby creating new methods of experiencing your self and your world.


  • Possess the facility that may provide help to to beat any addictive conduct, resembling smoking and drug use, that harm your well being and self-image
  • Launch your self from different damaging and deep-seated feelings. You possibly can then be led to emotional stability.
  • Have the ability to stability and assist strengthen your immune system for a higher feeling of well-being. Look younger and really feel younger—stress has been recognized as having a serious affect on how we age.
  • Expertise happiness and euphoria with out the usage of dangerous and addictive medicine by rising the mind’s pure “really feel good” chemical substances.


  • Enhance your self-confidence and private energy to make social interactions a breeze and turn into a constructive affect on these round you.
  • Strengthen your relationships and make new mates. You will end up getting alongside simply with new individuals, attracting real love, and being the particular person everybody desires to be round.


  • Simply and robotically get right into a deep meditative way of thinking.
  • Obtain a stage of rest thought solely to be skilled by Zen Monks after years of meditative follow. You’ll be capable to attain this stage in much less time.



The Quantum Thoughts Methodology is a brand new sort of method that is designed that can assist you to assist your self.

Basically, it is a sequence of recordings which were painstakingly sculpted in such a means that when listened to in a correct format permits your mind, your thoughts, your acutely aware, your unconscious—all features of you to work in unison.

This occurs to most of us after we’re within the zone. What we’re doing with the Quantum Thoughts Methodology is we’re placing you within the zone frequently. We’re coaching your thoughts the right way to do it repeatedly.

It’s very similar to while you first began using a motorbike, it was troublesome to maintain your stability. You needed to have somebody holding it, otherwise you needed to have coaching wheels. After doing it for some time, you had been in a position to do it with out pondering. You possibly can experience a motorbike. You can also make turns. You are able to do jumps. You are able to do all types of issues now that you simply could not do while you first began.

The Quantum Thoughts Methodology is about taking your mind and pretending it is a bicycle. It ena

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