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Crypto Investor Course


Cryptocurrency trading, analysis and investing. Learn about the crypto markets in great detail with guidance from a former London Stock Exchange broker.

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[UPTO 70%] for the Crypto Investor Course $24.65 course. The course content is always complete and of the same quality as the sales page. Save money and learn more with tech:Reg

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Cryptocurrency buying and selling, evaluation and investing. Be taught concerning the crypto markets in nice element with steerage from a former London Inventory Change dealer.

Be taught very important buying and selling and investing classes like:

make investments alongside the chance curve

worth belongings

analyse crypto tasks

The worth of tokenomics

use decentralised finance

analyse on-chain information

Full buying and selling steerage from a professional

use blockchain apps

Full crypto pockets steerage

How I construct my crypto portfolio

Course content material is added over time. The value will go up as extra content material turns into obtainable.

Here is What You Get

Full lifetime entry for a flat charge

Future course content material at no further price

New content material and worth added over time

A dealer with actual skilled expertise

Non-public member Discord teams

My portfolio and commerce alerts



  • Course intro(1:01)START
  • ⚠️ Disclaimer (should watch) ⚠️(1:39)START
  • Member reductions & offersSTART
  • be a part of the personal Discord chatsSTART
  • Course member resourcesSTART


  • Crypto varieties: retailer of worth(7:51)START
  • Crypto varieties: sensible contracts(7:28)START
  • Crypto varieties: change tokens(4:02)START
  • Crypto varieties: oracles(3:27)START
  • Crypto varieties: funds(6:37)START
  • Crypto varieties: stablecoins(10:40)START
  • Crypto varieties: privateness cash(5:29)START
  • Crypto varieties: meme cash(6:15)START
  • Crypto varieties: wrapped tokens(6:15)START
  • Crypto varieties: LP tokens(3:20)START
  • Token requirements defined (ERC-20)(5:09)START
  • Staking your crypto(9:30)START
  • The blockchain trilemma(10:31)START
  • Do not deal with TPS!!(6:35)START
  • Bitcoin: The Asset Class(24:54)START


  • Worth vs market cap(3:55)START
  • Coin vs token(3:05)START
  • Pre-mine vs truthful launch(5:54)START
  • ICOs(3:05)START
  • Circulating vs whole provide(3:58)START
  • Inflation(7:59)START
  • Token burns(3:51)START
  • Tokenomics analysis: ADA(13:50)START
  • Tokenomics analysis: BTC(12:14)START
  • What are “good tokenomics”?(9:30)START
  • Valuing DAPP tokens(7:51)START
  • Valuing tokens: necessary issues(9:37)START


  • What’s on-chain evaluation?(2:44)START
  • use a blockchain explorer(11:41)START
  • Prime HODLers(6:51)START
  • Staking charges(5:02)START
  • Change flows(10:29)START
  • Stablecoin ratios(6:10)START
  • Funding charges(6:07)START
  • HODL waves(5:46)START
  • Hashrate, validators and nodes(10:36)START
  • #1 MOST necessary on-chain information! (energetic addresses)(6:20)START


  • Step 1: perceive the market(9:34)START
  • Step 2: perceive the economics(16:53)START
  • Step 3: going deep(7:04)START
  • Step 4: maintaining updated(9:14)START


  • Foreign money pairs: base vs quote(5:01)START
  • Foreign money pairs: cross pairs(3:42)START
  • Order e-book defined(5:41)START
  • Maker vs taker defined(2:25)START
  • Order varieties: market order(2:35)START
  • Order varieties: restrict order(2:56)START
  • Order varieties: iceberg order(2:54)START
  • Order varieties: stops (SL/TP)(5:57)START
  • Candlestick charts defined(8:27)START
  • Candlestick patterns: hammer(2:47)START
  • Candlestick patterns: taking pictures star(2:25)START
  • Candlestick patterns: bullish engulfing(2:30)START
  • Candlestick patterns: bearish engulfing(2:02)START
  • Chart patterns: double prime(3:15)START
  • Chart patterns: double backside(2:05)START
  • Developments: ascending wedge(2:01)START
  • Developments: descending wedge(1:10)START
  • Developments: larger highs(3:48)START
  • Developments: decrease lows(3:00)START
  • Developments: help and resistance(7:34)START
  • Developments: consolidation(6:18)START
  • EASY solution to learn charts: shifting averages(8:52)START
  • How to attract tendencies traces(7:43)START
  • Metrics: ATR(5:11)START
  • Metrics: MACD(6:06)START
  • Discovering areas of worth(6:23)START
  • Key suggestions for buying and selling with candles(7:53)START
  • Day buying and selling technique: discover the development(8:39)START
  • Day buying and selling technique: discover the worth motion(8:27)START
  • Day buying and selling technique: get your entry/exit(14:15)START
  • Day buying and selling technique: managing your commerce(10:39)START
  • Buying and selling bots: grid bot(13:10)START
  • Tradings bots: spot/futures arbitrage(9:04)START


  • Fungible vs non-fungible tokens(2:52)START
  • NFT token requirements(6:57)START
  • How NFTs work (fundamentals)(4:38)START
  • The worth proposition of NFTs(12:07)START
  • How NFTs drop(4:32)START
  • NFT shopping for information(9:07)START
  • BEWARE of those NFT pitfalls(5:18)START


  • Crypto pockets fundamentals(6:46)START
  • Crypto pockets addresses(3:09)START
  • Pockets safety (IMPORTANT) ⚠️(8:15)START
  • Scorching wallets vs chilly wallets(8:23)START
  • Utilizing MetaMask(6:19)START


  • 3 methods to earn crypto passive revenue(7:26)START
  • DeFi vs CeFi(10:08)START
  • Here is the DeFi platforms I take advantage of(9:39)START
  • The yield curve and crypto(3:54)START
  • calculate compound curiosity(12:30)START
  • The REAL fee of return(3:35)START
  • Getting EXTRA yields (lending incentives)(4:59)START
  • Lending: dangers to know(6:48)START
  • Borrowing half 1: collateral(4:39)START
  • Borrowing half 2: Mortgage To Worth (LTV)(2:35)START
  • Borrowing half 3: liquidation penalty(3:51)START
  • DeXs defined(8:34)START
  • DeXs: Order e-book vs AMM markets(7:09)START
  • Liquidity swimming pools defined(4:57)START
  • DeX dwell coaching: the right way to swap & add liquidity(10:37)START
  • Divergence loss may destroy your beneficial properties(7:01)START
  • Divergence (impermanent) loss calculator & suggestions!!(7:41)START
  • An intro to yield farming(12:33)START


  • Development vs worth investing(7:05)START
  • Which kind of investor are you?(13:26)START
  • Paying off debt vs investing(10:17)START
  • 60/40 is lifeless(7:28)START
  • Threat vs volatility(4:51)START
  • Changing into diversified(13:42)START
  • Customary deviation(6:18)START
  • Sharpe ratio(6:15)START
  • Bitcoin & Beta(7:58)START
  • CAPM(9:02)START
  • make subjective calls on threat(14:36)START


  • My low threat crypto varieties(7:20)START
  • My medium threat crypto varieties(8:22)START
  • My excessive threat crypto varieties(4:01)START
  • Greenback price averaging(8:45)START
  • Step 1: outcomes(6:34)START
  • Step 2: asset allocation(11:54)START
  • Step 3: sector allocation(4:30)START
  • My portfolio(7:19)START
  • Compounding: the KEY to constructing wealth!(10:11)START
  • Why I constantly spend money on progress(13:32)START
  • Re-balancing a portfolio(13:20)START


  • CoinTracking (portfolio tracker & tax reporting)(3:12)START
  • CoinLedger (crypto tax reporting)(1:40)START
  • Koinly (portfolio tracker & tax reporting)(2:37)START
  • Tax (FREE tax stories!)(2:53)START
  • CoinMarketCap (FREE handbook coin tracker)(1:37)START


  • ⚠️ Threat Warning *MUST WATCH*(1:34)START
  • Intro to Derivatives(7:05)START
  • Choices Fundamentals(6:18)START
  • Choices: Calls vs Places(5:23)START
  • Choices Premiums(6:37)START
  • Valuing Choices Premiums (Fundamentals)(9:58)START
  • Name Possibility Instance(8:55)START
  • Put Possibility Instance(6:03)START
  • Lengthy Name P&L(2:18)START
  • Brief Name P&L(6:23)START
  • Lengthy Put P&L(2:07)START
  • Brief Put P&L(2:19)START
  • Lined Calls(9:07)START
  • Writing Places(7:09)START
  • Choices Recap(6:55)START
  • Choices Methods: Intro(0:56)START
  • Choices Methods: Lengthy Calls(2:27)START
  • Choices Methods: Bare Brief Name(2:05)START
  • Choices Methods: Lined Calls(2:00)START
  • Choices Methods: Lengthy Places(2:05)START
  • Choices Methods: Bare Brief Places(1:16)START
  • Choices Methods: Protecting Places(4:05)START
  • Choices Methods: Bull Name Spreads(6:37)START
  • Choices Methods: Bear Put Spreads(5:26)START
  • Choices Methods: Lengthy Straddle(4:52)START


  • ⚠️ Leverage & Margin Threat Warning *MUST WATCH*(1:44)START
  • Crypto Margin Accounts(7:24)START
  • Crypto Margin Calculation(7:20)START
  • Utilizing Crypto Margin Accounts(5:41)START
  • Crypto Futures: Introduction(10:54)START
  • Futures vs Spot Buying and selling Screens(7:07)START
  • What’s Futures Funding?(15:33)START
  • USD-Margined vs Coin-Margined Futures(4:08)START
  • How Merchants Use Leverage(6:29)START
  • The Liquidation Calculation(0:49)START
  • Order Sorts: Scale back Solely(1:13)START
  • Order Sorts: Put up Solely(1:49)START
  • You MUST Use a TP/SL(2:28)START
  • Cease Loss: % Technique(2:57)START
  • Cease Loss: Trailing SL Technique(1:59)START
  • Cease Loss: Help/Resistance Technique(8:10)START
  • Cease Loss: Shifting Common Technique(4:33)START
  • Cease Loss: ATR Technique(3:45)START
  • Place Measurement Calculation(3:36)START
  • Leverage & Liquidations(6:54)START
  • Scale Positions(13:22)START
  • Altering R(7:26)START
  • Win Charges & KEY Knowledge(8:33)START


  • Monolithic vs Modular Chains (March 2022)(12:58)START
  • ETH Scaling Options (March 2022)(6:22)START
  • Zero Data Proofs (March 2022)(4:08)START
  • Optimistic vs ZK Rollups (March 2022)(4:30)START
  • STARK vs SNARK vs Plonk (March 2022)(6:10)START
  • Starknet L2 Replace (March 2022)(10:59)START
  • Monolithic vs Modular Cont. (March 2022)(13:35)START
  • State of the Market (March 2022)(27:00)START

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